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Haicheng Hengcheng Color Striped Cloth Factory, founded in 2004, is located in Bali Town, Haicheng City. It has advanced equipment and has 90 original looms, 7 drawing machines, and 3 laminating machines. The daily processing capacity is 4000~5000 square meters of PVC. Plastic coated cloth, leading the canvas industry in Liaoning. Since 2013, it has been expanding continuously, and currently integrates production and processing, with one production plant and two processing plants, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters. The main production and sales: pp plastic particles; red acrylic, blue acrylic, white acrylic, transparent acrylic particles, etc. The particles are divided into wire drawing, peritoneum, color striped cloth, and four-color cloth. Our factory has strong technical force and a long history. Advanced equipment, complete specifications, sufficient supply, and low price. Using computer to analyze and process canvas will save you worry, time and money. We provide long-term production and supply for many national institutions, group companies, logistics companies, and warehousing terminals. The drain pipe, exhaust pipe, and air-conditioning pipe connections made of canvas are convenient, durable and economical. After a long time experiment by our technical experts, the plastic-coated canvas is waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, and mildew resistant; in addition to being used in cargo yards, car sails, sun shades and rain, it can also be used as printing in printing factories. Table skin (table board glue). After being widely promoted and used, the response is quite good. Our factory has sufficient supply and complete specifications. We are sending (delivering) goods to the Pearl River Delta and even the whole country. Welcome to call for sample board and order!

Plastic coated canvas is a double-sided coated cloth made of special "PVC" glue made with advanced technology based on the Ministry of Railways, the Science and Technology Bureau of the Ministry of Coal and related scientific research departments to improve the waterproof, flame retardant and mildew resistance of the canvas. The production of canvas products uses a special heat-sealing process to solve the seam, needle hole leakage and increase the service life. It is the first anti-material in the 1990s. It has an advanced level among similar domestic products.

This product has excellent mildew resistance, obvious water resistance, outstanding flame retardancy and fire resistance, good low temperature flexibility, high strength, strong tensile strength, etc., and it is very versatile, such as foreign trade, grain depots, oil fields, docks, tents, etc. , Drilling tower clothing, railway and road transportation, warehousing, coal mines, open yards, etc., can produce various specifications and models according to user needs. Pig farm roller blinds made of PVC coated canvas are light and durable, with a life span of 8 to 10 years. They are windproof and waterproof, and play the role of cold and warmth. They are the first choice for major pig farms and major breeding farms.

It is an enterprise that specializes in making canvas products and selling all kinds of high-quality and cheap cotton, linen cotton, and PVC three-proof fabrics. Processed products include cargo yard cover cloth, dock cover cloth, vehicle and ship canvas, train rail canvas, large and small tents, canvas product bags, canvas conveyor belts, open-air warehouses, protective cloth for flood relief, military, civil, postal, aviation, containers, etc. Canvas products can be uniquely designed according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different industries. In order to improve product quality, reduce costs, and increase labor productivity, we have successively introduced advanced production equipment, hired high-tech talents, used high-quality raw materials and high-quality products to serve customers at home and abroad, and adhere to the service concept of 100% customer satisfaction.


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