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Color stripe cloth seems to us to be very single, there are only a few

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Color stripe cloth seems to us to be very single, there are only a few

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In fact, whether it is his color, the scope of use, or the production method, there are many kinds of color strips, and the color strips used in different occasions are also different. Color stripe cloth is a kind of tarpaulin made of polyethylene and polypropylene materials. The cloth surface has brightly colored stripes. The color stripe cloth is widely used in our daily life and production. Color striped cloth can be used as the protection of the bottom of car paving, the protection of the bottom of train paving, and the cover of cargo transportation of ships. It is widely loved by people because of its excellent performance. Lai Cai striped cloth is also more and more widely used.



Color striped cloth is generally divided into two categories according to the distribution of materials. One is made of polyethylene and is widely used, which we call new material color striped cloth. The other is made of polypropylene. Called the old material color striped cloth. The difference between the two is not only in materials, but also in other aspects. First of all, the color of the new polyethylene double film color stripe cloth is much brighter than the old color stripe cloth, and its toughness and In terms of rainproof performance, the toughness and strength of the new color stripe cloth is better than that of the old one.

  The new polyethylene woven fabric generally has a life span of more than two years. Compared with the quality of polyethylene colored stripe cloth, the former is more cost-effective and is often used as a temporary cover in a cargo yard. Most of it is used as an outer packaging for products in transportation. Or use it for ground protection of logistics carriages. If you only use it for temporary shed construction or cover some items that have low protection requirements, it is recommended to choose recycled material colored striped cloth to reduce costs. But for the cover of important items, try to choose a new thickened rainproof cloth, especially in some occasions that require high protection of goods for waterproof and sunscreen, you cannot use the old color stripe cloth. The new double-membrane color stripe cloth not only has good toughness, but also has a good waterproof effect. Compared with the recycled material rainproof cloth, the anti-aging effect is longer. In the rainy season in the south, the colorful striped cloth is used to make use of it. Waterproof function.

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