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Practical color striped cloth, which is too versatile!

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Practical color striped cloth, which is too versatile!

Release date:2020-03-18 Author: Click:

Color striped cloth is a very common tarpaulin in our daily life. The color striped cloth that can be seen everywhere also has many colors. The color striped cloth is wholesale, and it is roughly divided into two-color striped cloth and multi-color striped cloth. There are many types of colored striped cloth, and it has a wide range of uses. At present, the new material polyethylene color stripe cloth is more common in the market.

      The new material polyethylene color stripe cloth has bright colors, good flexibility and long service life, but the price is slightly more expensive, which is suitable for long-term covering, waterproof and sunscreen. It can be used to cover the cargo of cars, trains and ships, and can also be used to protect the stacks of open-air warehouses in stations, wharfs, seaports and airports. It can also be used to process camping tents and outer sheaths of various machinery and equipment.



It is such an economical and practical color stripe cloth. The new material polyethylene color stripe cloth is wear-resistant, beautiful and practical, and can prevent dust and sand. Because of its advantages, we can also use it in waste collection stations, coal mines, landfills and other places to prevent dust and sand. In this way, the pollution of dust and sand to the air environment can be reduced.

The high-quality color stripe cloth has good tensile strength, will not be easily torn, and will not be easily torn. Moreover, the colored stripe cloth has good water resistance, does not leak water, and is also resistant to low temperature and mildew. Such sun-proof, waterproof and flexible colored stripe cloth is just a good helper to protect warehouse goods.

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