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Research on waterproof performance and strong color striped cloth

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Research on waterproof performance and strong color striped cloth

Release date:2020-04-14 Author: Click:

The characteristics of color striped cloth: color striped cloth manufacturer

1. Tensile strength index: warp strength≥2100N/5CM weft strength≥1600N/5CM

2. No water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥2000MM water column

3. It can withstand low temperature, and the cold-resistant temperature is -20℃. 4. It can prevent mildew, and the anti-mold experiment is level one. Color-striped cloth use Color-striped cloth has light fastness and good waterproof performance, so it is usually used on construction team sites.


①. Color stripe cloth is an application product of tarpaulin, usually divided into clinker and raw material color stripe cloth, which are called rainproof plastic cloth, imported particle color stripe cloth, polyethylene, and old material color stripe. Cloth, polypropylene,

 The main color is beautiful, reliable quality, long service life, affordable price, slightly suitable for long-term use of rainproof cloth.

②. There are many colors of color stripe cloth, green color stripe cloth and blue and white stripe color stripe cloth, Yanxin plastic color stripe cloth, two-color most are made of one red, pink, blue, white, purple, yellow , Orange, and a variety of colors constitute colored striped cloth.

③. Tensile drawing strength policy: warp strength≥1100N//6Cm latitude strength≥1320N//9CM

④. No water seepage, good waterproof function ≥1200mm water droplets do not leak

⑤. It can resist high temperature and sun, and the temperature of cold resistance is =10℃. 6. It is a first-class plastic product for anti-mildew and environmental protection.

⑥ Yanxin tent color stripe cloth has light fastness and excellent waterproof function, so it is often used on construction team sites.

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