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Composite packaging material, color striped cloth use

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Composite packaging material, color striped cloth use

Release date:2020-02-12 Author: Click:

The traditional aluminum-plastic composite color striped cloth packaging material contains aluminum foil layer, which is the most barrier packaging material in common use. Its oxygen and moisture permeability are close to zero, and it can prevent the transmission of visible light and ultraviolet rays.Four-color cloth, in addition to preventing the oxygen and water vapor outside the mechanical packaging from entering people and causing mechanical fumigation, it can also prevent the photosensitive components in the machinery from deteriorating due to the action of visible light and ultraviolet rays, which is extremely harmful to the packaged machinery. Excellent protection.


Uses of water-resistant strips: Water-resistant strips can be widely used to make tents, cargo yard covers, wharf tarpaulins, railway tarpaulins, open-air grain sets, mine hair dryers, outdoor windscreens, jeep roofs, and postal parcels , Open-air carport, vehicle, ship, factory, and mining enterprise cargo cover, car cover, house rain cover, cargo packaging, construction site cover, house decoration rain cover, drainage channel, pool, etc. It has the characteristics of bright color, light weight and softness, durability, high strength, tensile strength, sun protection, water resistance, mildew resistance, frost resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the latest waterproof and rainproof cloth substitute product, widely used in construction, railway, warehouse, tarpaulin, transportation and other industries.

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